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Planting Peas in Perth


Baileys Fertiliser


29 July 2019

Winter is a great time to start growing the pea family, they are happiest in temps in the low 20's. First tip if you have the climbing variety is to build them a trellis, as their growth can be vigorous and they will need support. 

If you have recently had tomatoes in your patch, then this is the perfect spot to now grow peas. Peas enjoy good drainage and water, so the winter rains are perfect to provide this. They also prefer a spot with full winter sun. 

Mix Baileys Soil Matters Garden, with some Baileys Soil Improver Plus into the garden bed before planting seeds. Water the soil until it is quite damp then add the seeds in a depth of around 25 - 30mm and 100mm apart, cover and do not water them again for a couple of days. They like water but they do not like being too wet! 

And as the plant grows always water at the base of the plant to prevent mildew which can be a common problem. Ensuring there is good air flow around the plant will also help reduce mildew. 

Snow peas or sugar snap peas are great to get kids into the garden! They can eat them straight off the plant and they are fairly quick to grow, producing crops in around 40-55 days.