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Prepare and plan in winter for a sensational summer garden


Chris Ferriera


11 July 2017

Chris Ferriera Using Baileys Liquid Growsorb In Garden

The Great Sustainable Home Challenge Turning a typical 1950's Hamilton Hill home into a sustainable showcase! I am no big fan of summer! It shrivels my plants, saps our precious water supplies and oppresses the garden with its overwhelming heat. But at last the worst of summer is behind us and we can look forward to the promise of the winter rains, cooler weather and renewed garden growth. But to get the best out of this season of potential growth we need to follow some all important rules:

- Mulch, mulch, mulch:  nice new levels of rough course mulch will insulate the soil to a depth of 5 - 7cm and will help suppress weeds and feed the soil.

- Use the water where it falls: liberal doses of Grosorb (activated with the hose) will make sure that precious winter rain gets through the waxy surface to those all important roots.

Healthy soil=healthy plants:  never miss a chance to improve your dirt with beautiful rich Soil Improver. Whatever the plant and whatever the situation always add good quality organic matter and while you are at it, throw in some clay and /or zeolite when you have sandy soil, to bolster the value and effectiveness of this good stuff.

'Wunders' from Downunder: focus where you can on tough waterwise plants, who have proven heatwave pedigree.

Fat drops close to the ground:  shape your irrigation design to maximise efficiency. Gone are the overhead sprays that mist our precious water off to the thirsty skies. Now, where ever possible deliver water through drip and dripper systems.

Design is the key:  place your plants carefully for maximum waterwise effect. This means everything from windbreaks on the east side to tame the dreaded easterlies, small trees to shade the shrubs and planting in shallow depressions to direct water away from paving and driveways and to the plants themselves.

Throw in some good winter rains and you will be well on the way to having a truly great garden for the months and years ahead.For more details, progress and tour dates on the Great Sustainable Home Challenge you can follow Chris and his family on

www.theforeverproject.com.au and watch episodes of GGTV.