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Sustainable Changes for Baileys Premium Mixes


Baileys Fertiliser


14 October 2022

Baileys have been manufacturing premium potting mixes in WA for over 50 years. We pride ourselves on our quality and ensure changes to our products are backed by extensive research and development. We take environmental stewardship seriously and continuously looking for ways to reduce our impact while maintaining our standards.

In September last year, the state government announced it will end native forestry logging in WA to conserve 400,000 hectares of karri, jarrah and wandoo forests. Sawdust and timber fines are a by-product of this industry, used in potting mixes, soil conditioners and gardening soils. 

Read more about the WA state native logging ban here:

Baileys have been investigating sustainable and reliable alternatives to replace this raw material since the ban was announced. To reduce our reliance on these materials, you may notice a slight difference to our growing media and compost products. We have substituted a portion of the sawdust and timber fines with composted oat husk.

Oat husk is a clean, reliable, ethically sources and sustainable by-product of the agricultural industry in WA. Also known as oat hull, it is the outer shells of oat cereal grains. When composted over a 12-week process, the shell turns from a golden to a dark brown and adds similar particle size, drainage, and aeration properties to our mixes. It also adds carbon, which feeds and stimulates soil microbiology, leading to stronger root growth and better nutrient uptake.  

 So, while our mixes may look slightly different, be assured that:

  •  They are the same quality, meeting all requirements of the Australian Standards 
  • Growth trials show equal or better results compared to our traditional formulations
  • Our mixes are more sustainable and reliable than before.  

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