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The Perth Garden Festival is here!


Neville Passmore


10 April 2019

Baileys are sponsors of the Hanging Basket Competition at the Perth Garden Festival, which commences this Thursday at McCallum Park Victoria Park, the green apron of Perth.  Baileys look forward to welcoming you to the top garden show in the state. The festival runs from this Thursday April 11 to Sunday April 14.

Baileys Hanging Basket Competition is in its third year at the festival, and this year has welcomed a record 150 entries, all will be on display right beside the front entrance to the show.  It is stand number one and as you pass through the entrance gates veer left to take in the most colourful and innovative suspended gardens ever seen in WA.  The winners share in a prize pool of $2500, the awards ceremony will be held on Thursday at 12pm at the Hanging Basket site. If you have created an entry or if you are interested in seeing what is possible then this is not to be missed! 

Baileys are committed to helping West Australians grow towards a greener future and to assist gardeners in practical ways, so this year they have set up a program of speakers repeated every day of the festival.  It is my pleasure to contribute to the speakers list.

Here is the program of 30-minute talks

10.30am: 2019 gardening & plant trends with Neville Passmore
I will preview the latest plant introductions for the season and what is trending in gardening around the state.&

11.30am: How to grow your own avocados at home with Neville Passmore
Now seen as a super food, can avocado trees be grown in Perth gardens?

12.30pm: Create and maintain the best indoor and outdoor pots with Neville Passmore
Pots represent plant-growing opportunities for outdoors and indoors where space is at a premium.

1.30pm: How to get the best lawn in the street - The Baileys team
Cooling, refreshing deep green lawns are back on trend for our overheated suburbs. Find out the best ways to make your patch the envy of the street.

2.30pm: How to permanently improve WA's sandy soil with gardening guru Darren Senior
Our impoverished sandy soils can grow fabulous gardens using the right preparation. Do it well, do it once and build a brilliant garden here in the West. 

Entry forms for the Baileys Autumn Gardening Gift Pack, valued at over $100 need to be dropped off to the Baileys Hanging Basket site.  The prize consists of a selection of Baileys premium garden products to make your autumn garden come alive. The entry form can be found in the Perth Garden Festival Guide. You can find this in The West Australian on Wednesday April 10, or in the free copy you will receive as you enter the festival. 

basket competition basket competition

I have enjoyed every single Garden Week and Perth Garden Festival since the first exhibition at Claremont show Grounds in 1972.  I will be bringing my 96 year-old mum along this year, she also has not missed a single show in those years.  Tess Passmore is a plant tragic like her son and always comes home with a selection of new goodies to add to her garden.  Baileys, mum and I hope that you will have a terrific time at this years event and I look forward to meeting with you personally.

A fairy garden entry from 2017 

Baileys at Garden Week circa mid 1970's 

A winning entry from 2017