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Top 5 Bush Tucker plants to grow in Perth


Neville Passmore


3 October 2017

Ever wondered what bush tucker plants you could grow in your own backyard?
Suited to Perth conditions these beauties will be blooming in your backyard in no time. Full of amazing flavours and nutrition they will make a welcome addition to your kitchen. Here are our Top 5 bush tucker plants to grow in Perth: 

Midyim Tree With Small Spotted Berries


is a low spreading groundcover from South Queensland, with delicious small spotted berries.  



Pink Rosella Calyx Plant


is an annual shrub which loves the heat of our summer. Swollen purple-red calyxes are harvested after flowers fall off. These can be used to make jam or a lovely refreshing tart summer drink a bit like home made lemonade.


Native Finger Lime Tree With Red Limes

Native Finger Lime 

Comes in colours of green and red and can be grown just like regular citrus trees. The fruit has large juice filled cells that some folks liken to caviar.  These make an impressive addition to fresh oysters. 


Lemon Scented Myrtle Tree

Lemon Scented Myrtle

Is a small tree, which can be trimmed to a shrub. Foliage can be harvested at any point for flavouring drinks, salads, and even meat dishes. 


Warrigal Greens Native Spinach

Warrigal Greens

Also known as native spinach is a quick and easy leafy vegetable that can be grown from seed or small potted plants. Leaves are a perfect substitute for English spinach.