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Baileys Fertiliser


25 June 2021

Baileys are excited to introduce the latest addition to their TURFECT Range of biologically enhanced foliar turf products.

New TURFECT Humic is a highly concentrated humic acid soil conditioner and biological inoculant, designed to enhance soil fertility and capacity to support healthy turf growth.  

Containing 26% soluble humic substances, this supercharged carbon source is particularly effective on depleted or sandy soils to improve water and nutrient holding capacity and promote turf recovery and resilience in stressful conditions.

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What are Humic Substances?

Humic and Fulvic acids are naturally derived organic substances from the breakdown of ancient plant and microbial matter.  These acids are the foundation of all fertile soils, acting to hold a wide range of micro and macro-nutrients around plant roots for quick root uptake and optimum plant growth.

Humic acids also improve the wetting and water-holding ability of the soil. Ongoing applications accumulate to provide greater nutrient holding ability, readily available carbon food source for beneficial soil micro-organisms and overall improve soil structures. This in turn enhances results from applied fertilisers and improves long-term soil fertility.