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Winter vegie planting


Baileys Fertiliser


20 May 2019

Growing your own vegies at home is a truly rewarding experience. You don't have to feel daunted by the choices available and grow everything, just grow something to go into every meal. 

The onion family including regular, red or white salad onions, spring onions, chives and garlic are ideal to plant out during the cooler months. Beetroot, broccoli, carrots, potatoes, spinach and cabbage are some others who love autumn and winter months. 

Peas are also a great option this time of year. They are easy to grow from seed, and germinate quickly so it is a great way to get kids excited about growing their own food, especially if you get a variety they can eat as soon as they are picked like sugar snap peas. Yum! 

The best way to ensure success of your vegie patch is to add a great soil base, including lots of organic matter. Baileys Veg & Herb Planting Mix is made for your vegie garden, and for WA conditions. It is designed to produce abundant and healthy  growth. It is perfect for growing vegies in pots or containers, raised beds or your vegie patch. 

Home grown vegies have great taste, and it is a truly exciting way to get kids involved in gardening and learn more about where food comes from. Give it a go!