SKU: F8939


SIZE:   20kg bags, bulka bags and bulk

Baileys Tristar is a fully granulated, phosphate free, low nitrogen, broad spectrum fertiliser. With a lower nitrogen content than most turf fertilisers it maintains steady, vibrant growth, reducing the need for mowing.

Fully granulated for even distribution and maximum nutrient delivery. Reducing the risk of fertiliser burn;

  • Low nitrogen content reduces rapid growth and the need for frequent mowing; 
  • Phosphate free for a reducing leaching risk;
  • High potassium increases disease resistance and promotes plant resilience in high traffic areas. Also replenishes potassium in light sandy soils;
  • High magnesium and iron interacts with nitrogen in the production of chlorophyll to produce great colour and strength;
  • Suitable for all seasons. Long lasting in winter and can help avoid additional need for foliar fertilising in cooler months;
  • Suitable for turf and garden: flowering plants, fruiting plants and Australian natives.

Tristar is available in mini prill form for finer turf surfaces. It also comes available with Grosorb soil wetter to help combat hydrophobic soils and aid nutrient and water delivery to plant root systems.