20kg bags, bulka bags and bulk


Brilliance Granulated is a premium grade, fully granulated phosphate free fertiliser. Containing high nitrogen and good potassium levels plus trace elements, Brilliance will encourage vigorous growth, excellent colour and new root formation. It will maintain nutrition and replenish these vital elements which are rapidly utilised in turfgrass. It is ideal for application on all sporting grounds and complexes, high profile playing fields, golf courses, schools and domestic lawns.


  • Western Australian designed and manufactured product tailored to our soil profile and conditions.
  • Brilliance is phosphate free making applications to areas close to waterways, rivers and new estates safe - where phosphorus contamination could be a concern.
  • Fully granulated to ensure easy and even distribution of nutrients across turf surfaces, reduces dust and maximises delivery. Giving even results across sporting grounds.
  • Contains a high nitrogen component for rapid growth and colour, suitable to sporting complexes and turf farms where an instant result is required.
  • Contains high levels of essential turf nutrients for healthy growth, excellent colour and plant functioning.

A high nitrogen component is vital for plant cell metabolic processes including photosynthesis and the formation of amino acids and plant proteins. Deficiency results in poor growth and chlorotic discolouration.

High potassium content promotes strong plant cell membranes, root formation, facilitates cell division and improved tolerance to stress and disease. Poorly developed roots are often a result of low potassium levels. Potassium can also affect water intake by plant cells, often wilting under extreme stress if deficiencies are shown. Containing a higher level of potassium means it will respond well in summer where drought is commonly a factor.

Calcium contributes to the overall health of the plant while also increases the cation exchange capacity, allowing better nutrient uptake of many other elements.

The iron and manganese content aids nitrogen uptake and produces dark green colour.

In a sandy profile, nitrogen and potassium leach more readily due to the soils mobile capabilities and poor holding capacity. It is essential to consistently maintain the levels of these nutrients within the soil. 



  • Suitable for application to all turf varieties.
  • Kikuyu and Buffalo can be applied at slightly lower rates. 

See brochure for application rates