Category: Lawn Care

SKU: F5066


SIZE:   25lt bags

A premium lawn soil for top dress or pre plant, designed to improve soil profile and boost turf growth. Contains red loam, Grosorb wetting agent, slow-release nitrogen and finely screened mature compost. Boosts growth, colour, soil fertility and water holding capacity. Use straight from the bag with no further additives required. 

Mature, Screened Organics 
Finely screened, mature compost improves moisture and nutrient retention, stimulates microbes and earthworms.

Red Loam 
A fine red sand, high in silt and clay improves water retention and soil profile.

Grosorb Wetting Agent 
A premium wetting agent improves water penetration and soil wettability. Reduces run-off and dry patch.

Slow Release Fertiliser 
Provides your lawn with a slow release feed of nitrogen, boosting growth over 3 months.