Category: Lawn Care

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SIZE:   20kg bags, bulka bags and bulk

Brilliance Granulated is a top-tier, phosphate-free compound fertiliser designed for WA conditions. With elevated nitrogen and potassium levels, plus vital trace elements, it fosters robust growth, vibrant color, and new root development. Its high nitrogen, calcium, iron and manganese levels promote rapid green-up, essential for achieving lush, vibrant turf where fast results are imperative.

High Potassium 
Promotes strong plant cell membranes, root formation, and better stress tolerance, crucial for healthy growth.

Calcium Boost 
Enhances overall turf health and improves nutrient uptake, leading to better plant functioning.

Colour Enhancement
Iron and manganese facilitate nitrogen uptake and enhance turf coloration, resulting in lush, dark green turf.

Phosphate Free
Safe for use around rivers and waterways, particularly where eutrophication is a concern.