Category: Lawn Care

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SIZE:   20kg bags, bulka bags and bulk

A fully granulated, organic based fertiliser for all turf varieties. It has been specifically developed for nutrient poor, sandy soils common to Australia. ENERGY™ Turf combines a high analysis of essential nutrients, trace elements, organics and soil amendments in the one homogenous granule. 

Lush Growth 
A balanced blend of essential organic materials and nutrients encourage, lush, dense and vigorous turf. 

Root Network 
The high Potassium and Calcium supports rooted development, improving the turfs drought resistance and overall health.

Strong Turf 
High Calcium and Iron contribute to stronger cell structures in the grass, improving turf quality and appearance.

Nutrient Retention 
The added Zeolite helps retain nutrients in the soil, minimising the risk of leaching and ensuring longer fertiliser impact.