Category: Lawn Care

SKU: F3040Z


SIZE:   20kg bags, bulka bags and bulk

3.1.1. Granulated is a premium, fully granulated, balanced formula of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements iron and manganese. It is specifically formulated for use as a maintenance fertiliser and to establish new root development after winter dormancy or renovations. It is ideal for sporting complexes and grounds, turf farms, council parks, golf clubs and home lawns.

Made for WA Soil
Crucial for sandy profiles where nitrogen and potassium leach swiftly, maintaining nutrient levels is imperative.

High Nitrogen
Vital for metabolic processes, ensuring robust growth and preventing chlorotic discoloration.

Robust Plant 
High potassium content fortifies cell membranes, enhancing stress tolerance and root development, crucial for healthy turf.

Soil Enhancement 
Magnesium and calcium enrich soil, improving nutrient uptake, strengthening cell walls, and reducing nutrient leaching for sustained turf vitality.