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  • EKOTE ORNAMENTALS NATIVE PLUS (18-1-16) 8-9 month


SKU: F1221


SIZE:   25kg bags

Ekote Ornamentals Native Plus is a 100% coated controlled release fertiliser with an 8-9 month release and added trace elements. It has been specifically designed to provide the nutrient requirements for native container nursery, landscaping and revegetation applications. The high potassium formulation is particularly suited to sandy soils in Western Australia prone to potassium deficiency, as both native and fertiliser applied potassium is held poorly and subject to leaching. Ekote's reliable polymer coating is safe to roots, limits nutrient leaching, evenly distributes nutrients throughout the growing season period and makes it suitable for dibbling. The added magnesium promotes photosynthetic activity and chlorophyll formation. 

  • Made in Holland. Patented, state of the art production. 
  • 100% polymer coated including all trace elements. 
  • Low phosphorous suitable for native nursery stock, landscaping and revegetation. 
  • High in potassium for WA's deficient sandy soils.