• Polyon NPK (14-6-11) 3-4 month

Category: Controlled Release Fertilisers

SKU: F1201

Polyon NPK (14-6-11) 3-4 month

SIZE:   25kg

A professional homogeneous 3 to 4 month controlled release nursery fertiliser for container grown annuals, all of the nutrients in Polyon 14-6-11 NPK are combined within each uniform coated pellet.
Insuring precise distribution and release.


  • 14-6-11 NPK provides the improved safety of Polyon Reactive Layers Coating (RLC) controlled release technology.
  • Release of nutrients with Polyon is predictable and reliable. The coating has been precisely applied to ensure the safety and effectiveness of each granule.
  • Release of nutrients is not significantly affected by media type, moisture level, pH or microbial activity.