Baileys Humic12 is a liquid fertiliser consisting of active carbon (humic substances). These are the most active compounds in soil, and the major component of soil organic matter. Humates are a practical way of controlling nitrogen loss and adding carbon to the soil profile. Humates provide the charged surface (carbon) for nutrients to latch onto.

Humus originates from the decomposition of plant and animal material. Humic acid is formed by the breakdown of humus, organic and inorganic soil components, as well as microbial activity. Humus improves nutrient uptake and availability, retains nutrients and water and improves soil structure while providing the necessary carbon for micro-organisms.

Improves nutrient uptake and retention.
Improves availability of trace elements especially iron, manganese and zinc which can be a major issue in high pH calcareous soils.
Increases cation exchange capacity.
Improves the soil pH buffering capacity.
Improves moisture retention.
Encourages and stimulates soil micro-organisms.
Supplies carbon and organics.
Increases water infiltration through the stable inter-aggregate pore spaces.
Improves soil structure on sandy soils.
Humus helps with protein synthesis, photosynthesis and plant enzyme activity.
Can be used for both foliar and fertigation.




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