Category: Liquid Fertilisers

SKU: L8003, L8004, L8005


SIZE:   20lt, 200lt and 1000lt

Baileys Liquid Trace with added Fulvic Acid is a liquid fertiliser with added chelates for use in correcting trace element deficiencies or maximizing crop growth. It is a free flowing liquid suitable for fertigation. This type of foliar application helps improve crop growth and productivity. Liquid fertilisers are an efficient and practical method of applying trace elements to plant leaf surfaces where most required. It eliminates fertiliser wastage and will remain effective even when soil conditions are adverse. The precise balance of trace elements are designed to ensure all essential nutrients are provided in amounts suitable to maximize growth, boost floral development and fruit set.


Iron is needed for chlorophyll formation, good colour and disease resistance. High magnesium also builds chlorophyll, ensuring strong green growth. Zinc and manganese help fight fungal diseases, frost and develop resistance to water stress. The added fulvic acid assists nutrient uptake, promotes plant growth, acts as a soil buffer against pH fluctuation and can improve plant resilience. Fulvic acid is a naturally occurring organic product derived from humus which is an active component in soils.
This is an excellent liquid fertiliser combination for quick uptake on a range of different crops.