20lt, 200lt and 1000lt


Baileys Vita K is a water soluble liquid fertiliser containing a high analysis of potassium and added complex carbohydrate to readily address potassium deficiency, improve plant quality and maximize nutrient availability and uptake. This formula delivers a stronger, healthier plant with exceptional yield.
On turf, applications of Vita K encourage strong cellular development and tolerance to disease and temperature stresses.


  • Readily available potassium ideal for rapid plant uptake to correct deficiencies and improve yield quality;
  • Contains molasses, providing a carbon source to promote beneficial microbial activity and improve nutrient availability and uptake;
  • Stimulates early growth;
  • Increases protein production;
  • Improves water efficiency and drought resistance;
  • Improves stand persistence, longevity and hardiness;
  • Improves resistance to pests and diseases;
  • Improves yield quality and quantity.

Potassium is required for the movement of water, nutrients and carbohydrates in plant tissue. When potassium is deficient growth is generally stunted and yields are significantly reduced. Potassium regulates the opening and closing of stomata, regulating CO2 uptake. Potassium plays a major role in the regulation of water in plants, both its uptake through the roots and its loss through stomata. Potassium is also responsible for the activation of many growth related enzymes in plants systems. Protein and starch synthesis also requires potassium. The enzyme responsible for starch synthesis is activated by potassium.

Potassium deficiency results in poor use of water and other nutrients, making crops chlorotic, causing slow stunted growth, weak and unhealthy roots, uneven ripening of yields and defoliation. This in turn makes crops more susceptible to drought, waterlogging, frost and diseases.


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