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Category: Liquid Fertilisers

SKU: L8673, L8674, L8675


SIZE:   1000lt

Vitaplant Turf is an organically enriched, phosphate free, liquid fertiliser for use on all turf situations. These include sporting grounds, bowling and tennis clubs, golf course fairways; roughs and greens and school grounds. Based on kelp extract, Vitaplant Turf is scientifically blended with essential plant nutrients nitrogen and potassium. It also contains the vital elements iron and magnesium needed in chlorophyll production and manganese which assists the uptake of nitrogen. Designed to target known deficiencies in turf, it encourages strong plant growth and excellent colour without the risk of burning. The addition of a humectant (a naturally occurring wetting agent) ensures an even spread over the plant leaf area and encourages easy absorption into the root system through the soil.


  • Corrects soil deficiencies.
  • Complete fertiliser with trace elements vital in nutrient depleted soils.
  • Elements present in a form available for rapid plant uptake.
  • Ideal in situations with high pH where iron and manganese is unavailable.
  • Can be applied with a wide range of chemicals to avoid additional spray applications.
  • Both nitrogen and potassium are in a form of potassium nitrate.
  • Valuable source of essential plant growth proteins and amino acids.
  • Humectant added for better distribution and absorption
  • Easy to use and water soluble.

Minimum purchase 1000lt