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  • WS NPK 18-8-15 + 2mg + TE

Category: Soluble Fertilisers

SKU: F 1301

WS NPK 18-8-15 + 2mg + TE

SIZE:   25kg

WS NPK 18 8 - 15 + 2Mg + TE is recommended when high rates of all nutrients are required by the crop during critical growth stages. It can also be used when plants need extra care after being exposed to stress.
Turf farms and major sporting complexes can use WS NPK 18-8-15 at it efficiently directs nutrients into the leaf for rapid plant uptake. It encourages strong root development, energy production and is perfect for use in new turf or renovation situations.

These water soluble NPKs are rich in nutrient content and based upon the highest quality raw materials: highly soluble, dust free and with a low sensitivity for caking.


  • A highly efficient source of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), Potassium (K) in a fully balanced ratio
  • To be used throughout the entire crop cycle
  • Highly soluble, pure, free of dust and with limited sensitivity for caking
  • Highly concentrated formulas rich in nutrient content
  • Low in sodium and chloride
  • Trace elements are fully chelated
  • Specially designed for foliar feeding
  • Specially designed for fertigation in soil
  • Compatible with most water-soluble fertilisers, except fertilisers containing calcium.