1 tonne bulka bags


Calcium is used by weight and volume more than any other nutrient, it plays a major role in the physiology of the plant, strengthening its physical structure and helping in protection from disease.

An imbalance of Calcium will lead to tight and hardpan soils, resulting in restricted flow of air and water through the soil, reduced root growth and pale leaves which respond poorly to nitrogen and iron fertiliser applications and effect crop quality and shelf life.

Our Calcium Nitrate is the highest concentration in the market, containing 25% more Calcium Oxide and 16 % more nitrate nitrogen (NO3), helping customers save on transport costs. 

  • Free flowing, White granules
  • Fully soluble in water 
  • Negligible  amount of ammonium (NH4), ideal for soilless crops sensitive for blossom end rot. 
  • Increased uptake of nutrients due to lower ammonium content. 
  • Low on chloride, sodium and other detrimental elements
  • Compatible with most commonly used fertilisers, except sulphate or phosphate fertilisers 
Calcium Nitrate is a class 5.1 Dangerous Good
10 tonne limit per customer or a DG license is required
Drivers licence is required for all cash/ non-commercial sales

DO NOT mix calcium nitrate with fertilisers containing sulphates and phosphates. 

Available in Bulka Bags Only. 


Refer to product brochure or consult your local Baileys Area Manager.


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