Commitment to Quality 

Baileys Fertilisers strive to supply products and services which meet or exceed the consistently high level of quality we know our customers expect. 

As such, Baileys Fertilisers is committed to complying with the quality requirements of the ISO9001 Quality Management System standard in addition to all statutory and regulatory requirements. 

This commitment applies to all products and services provided by Baileys: 

  • Manufacture of proprietary brand fertilisers for use in the horticultural, agricultural and turf sectors. 

  • Manufacture of specialised custom fertilisers. 

  • Manufacture of potting mixes and soil amendments, including products that conform to AS3743 and AS4454. 

  • Fertiliser application operations.  

  • Efficient and accurate handling and dispatch of customer orders, including on time delivery of quality products that our customers are satisfied with and that represent value for money. 

Committed to Quality since 1926. 

  • Fertcare
  • Niasa Ecohort Certified
  • Niasa Accredited Growing Media Supplier
  • Quality ISO 9001

At Baileys, we believe that quality is the key to our success and our quality management system provides significant benefits for our business. Our commitment to quality does not stop with the products we manufacture and the services we offer, but extends to our entire operation. We are committed to reviewing and continually improving our products, services, processes, procedures and quality management system to ensure our customers receive the best we can offer.

Baileys Management is committed to:

  • Supplying the resources to ensure the quality management system and focus on customer satisfaction are maintained. 
  • Ensuring the purpose, importance and responsibility of the Quality Management System are communicated to relevant parties. 
  • Demonstrating leadership and accountability by reviewing the Quality Management System to ensure effectiveness, appropriateness and support for the strategic business direction. 
  • Setting objectives and goals based on the review of our business activities and intended outputs as defined in our Quality Manual. 

All employees of Baileys are expected to comply with and improve the Quality Management System according to their role within the business. 

Baileys Fertiliser Quality Policy 

POL.01 Quality Policy is a documented policy all Baileys staff comply with and follow. 
POL.01 Quality Policy is outlined on this page or can be accessed as a PDF document below:

POL.01 Baileys Quality Policy