Baileys Privacy Policy

Baileys Fertilisers is dedicated to providing robust privacy policies and procedures for its staff and clients. This includes ensuring that it conforms with all required APP’s including the provision of a clearly expressed and readily available Privacy Policy.  This is completed by the provision of this Privacy Policy Manual. 

To assist with this compliance, Baileys Fertilisers ensures that all of its staff members adhere to these policies and procedures.  Any breaches of these policies and procedures must be reported to the relevant staff members manager or supervisor immediately so that any appropriate measures can be taken to mitigate any issues surrounding an identified breach. 

Every staff member of Baileys Fertilisers who handles personal information is required to have an understanding of the Australian Privacy Principles (APP’s) and the objectives of the Privacy Act generally.  Where a more detailed knowledge of Baileys Fertilisers’ rights and responsibilities is required, the Privacy Officer will be able to provide assistance.