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Produce optimal results in the field and in your business.

Optimal results in the field and in your business.

Baileys has been involved in the West Australian horticultural industry since 1926. As the demands of clients changed and the industry became more sophisticated, Baileys became forerunners in specialist product development for the turf and domestic gardening markets. 

Today Baileys manufacture and supply a variety of quality endorsed and environmentally conscious turf, horticultural and agricultural products for the Australian market. The range includes fully granulated homogenous specialty fertilisers, blended and liquid fertilisers, organic and biologically enhanced fertilisers, controlled release, growing media, mulches, wetting agents, soil conditioners and amendments. 

Baileys team of horticulturalists and industry professionals understand the importance of producing optimal results, whilst making the most of limited resources and have the local knowledge and experience to advise the best course of action for your requirements or project. 

Proud industry suppliers and members.

  • Australia Fertiliser Services Accociation
  • Sports Turf Association WA
  • Niasa Accredited Growing Media Supplier

Get Quality Products, Expert Service and Advice

Turf Management  

From local council passive and active parks and reserves to schools and major sporting venues, Baileys specialise in quality products for professional turf management. Baileys locally manufacture and market a wide variety of turf products including blended NPK turf fertilisers, homogenous NPK compounds, mini prills for greens and finer turf surfaces, wetting agents, organics and distribute the Simplot range of BEST controlled-release fertilisers.  

Nursery & Amenity 

Whether you are a wholesale production nursery supplying landscapers and plant retailers or a retail nursery selling directly to the public, Baileys range of specialty nursery fertilisers and growing media mixes will help you produce healthier, hardier and higher quality stock more consistently and predictably.  Baileys distribute POLYON controlled-release fertilisers, the market leaders in enhanced efficiency fertilisers for the ornamental market.

Crop & Agriculture

For orchard, vineyards, vegetable and broadacre growers Baileys manufacture and distribute a range of quality agricultural fertilisers for broadcast, foliar, fertigated or hydroponic systems. Baileys locally granulate specialty homogenous NPK compounds and distribute a range of European quality, NPK solubles with high Potassium and trace. Baileys also bag and distribute Amsul Tech Grade Sulphate of Ammonia and a range of quality soluble straights.


The use of quality products is essential in poor soils and challenging growing conditions where water is limited. Baileys range of controlled release fertilisers, wetting agents, soil conditioners and amendments promote plant establishment and resilience to minimise stress and plant loss. For a long-term investment in the productivity and success of all plantings, trust Baileys.

Product Range

Baileys manufacture and supply a variety of  quality endorsed turf, horticultural and agricultural products for the Australian market. 

Supply & Apply Services

Accu-Spread accredited spreading service and foliar spraying service for precise and reliable application of nutrients to turfed areas, large or small. 

Visit our Laboratory

An investment in knowledge always pays the best reward. Laboratory services enable our team to make educated fertiliser recommendation.  

Need further information?

For further information on our commercial products and services, including our supply and apply spreading services, laboratory testing and soil nutrient programming and recommendations, or to have an experienced horticulturalist arrange a visit, get in contact here.

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