Category: Soil Amendments & Biologicals

SKU: F5002, F5008


SIZE:   20kg and 25kg

Gypsum, or hydrated calcium sulfate, serves multiple purposes. Acting as both a sulfur or calcium fertiliser and a soil amendment, it breaks down clay barriers, minimises surface crusting, and promotes deep root growth. While it doesn't affect pH, gypsum's benefits can last for years if pH levels are optimal.

The 2-6mm granulated prill quickly dissolves and disperses into the soil. Gypsum is also available in screened pit form. Suitable for organic use.

Soil Enhancement
Gypsum enhances soil aeration and water infiltration, breaking down clay barriers and reducing surface crusting for breathable soil.

Nutrient Balance
It increases movable calcium and sulfur, balancing nutrient levels and fostering efficient water and nutrient absorption.

Surface Correction
Bore water salinity causes soil crusting, stunting turf growth. Gypsum flushes salts from soil profile, mitigating sodic soil issues.

Erosion Control
Reduces water runoff and soil erosion, contributing to overall soil health and sustainability