Category: Soil Amendments & Biologicals

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SIZE:   25lt bags and bulka bags

Incorporating zeolite into your soil conditioning and fertiliser program is a long term investment in the productivity of your soils and fertiliser utilisation. Mixed into holes at planting, banded or applied around existing plantations or mixed with fertiliser blends, zeolite will improve plant available nutrient uptake and conversion to yield. Zeolite dramatically improves poor soils and acts as a permanent amendment and conditioner as it doesn’t break down and is not consumed by microbes. 


  • Water and soluble fertilisers are attracted and held in the soil profile or growing media. Valuable nutrients are not leached but exchanged onto the zeolite.
  • Plant available nutrition is much better as the plants can harvest the Zeolite.
  • Hydraulic conductivity is not affected
  • Capillary distribution is better
  • More water is held higher in the profile
  • Higher yields from better nutrition
  • Reduced environmental leaching