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Gardening calendar March 2021

This is the best time of the year to plant new shrubs trees, creepers and ground covers. The combination of warm soil and moisture really helps new plants to get going.



Flowers & Ornaments

  • Time to plant spring flowering bulbs for the most miraculous flower show in town. Tulips and hyacinths need to go into the fridge for cold conditioning over 4 to 6 weeks. Place in paper bags in the vegetable crisper certainly not the freezer as this will likely kill the bulbs. 
  • One idea is to plant your bulbs then over plant these with pansy viola or alyssum to give you colour in winter before the bulbs show their heads.
  • Sow seed of spring flowering bedding plants such as cineraria lobelia, pansy and perfumed stocks.


Vegetables & Herbs

  • Plant out sweet pea seeds for a wall of fragrance and winter colour. If going into clay soils sprinkle a dusting of garden lime to sweeten up the soil. Also remember to construct a substantial supporting frame.
  • Vegetable gardening makes good economic sense through autumn and winter as rain provides free water. This is a good time to clean up the vegetable patch get rid of vegie trash and prepare soil for the new seasons plantings. Add a 5 cm thick layer of composted Soil Improver Plus and dig in to a depth of 20cm.
  • Take cuttings of herbs these are generally easier than growing from seed and varieties such as basil, sage, thyme mint and oregano are generally very successful. Lemon grass can be divided.
  • In the southern half of Australia plant potatoes, artichokes and all members of the onion tribe including chive, onion, garlic, shallot, spring onion and leek. Also broad beans, sugar snap peas, silver beet, beetroot, radish, mustard, French beans, turnips and lettuce can go in now.



  • Plant citrus trees into the garden or pots. If the soil is clay based citrus need good drainage so you may need to mound up the soil so excess moisture runs away from the stem.





Vegetable & Herbs

  • Keep feeding and watering runner beans and peas with Baileys Soil Matters Garden, harvest regularly to get the maximum crop. Once finished cut the plant to the ground but leave the nitrogen rich root system to improve the soil.



  • Feed lawns now with Baileys Brilliance to maintain the lush green colour into the cooler seasons. Apply fertiliser to a dry lawn and then water in with sprinklers.

Pruning and Maintenance