Our Mission & Values

The driving factors behind our purpose as a company and how we act and behave in the world.

Helping Australia Grow Towards a Greener Future


We are committed to safely manufacturing well-presented and effective premium products and consistently delivering a professional, reliable service.


We behave responsibly, honestly and with integrity at all times and make decisions with a moral conscience. We always respect others in order to build relationships and a culture based on trust and fairness.


We are open to change and proactively respond to market conditions and opportunities by implementing good ideas. We regularly benchmark and monitor our products, our people and our service to grow and continuously improve.


We strive to supply products and enact practices that partner with nature and contribute to the health of our environment now, and for generations to come.


We always look to deliver outstanding results. We take full ownership of our actions and their outcomes. We always act above the line and do not 'pass the buck'. We should be our biggest critics.